Tradelink LTD طالبين TradeLink Sales Engineer

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Tradelink LTD طالبين TradeLink Sales Engineer

TradeLink LTD. HR Dept.


– Bachelor’s degree, preferably Architect or any higher education relevant degree

– Fluent English mandatory. Knowledge of French would be appreciated.


– Sales Oriented person

– Out going personality

– Organized, self motivated

– Self starter

– Reporting

– Accountable

– Computer literate


Marketing and Sales of TRADELINK Contract, Sport, SPM ranges and HDF in the targeted market sectors such as:

     Health Care- Medical


     Retail Chain Stores




In the territory of Egypt.

Tradelink LTD طالبين TradeLink Sales Engineer


The job position will be based in Cairo, EGYPT (Home Office)


– You will report to TRADELINK Marketing & Sales manager

– Your duties will lead you to be in contact and close coordination with the various departments of the company, of which, mainly:

–   accounting and finance department

–   logistic and stocking department

–   purchasing department

–   project department

–   technical and tendering office department

–   Customer service Department.

Tradelink LTD طالبين TradeLink Sales Engineer
Tradelink LTD


– To achieve sales budgeted for the territory of Egypt.

– To implement company pricing policy.

– To provide market intelligence concerning Competition, pricing, Distribution, Product trends, Standards, etc…

– To suggest ideas to contribute to the product range development.

– To promote the company‘s products by calling on Appointed flooring contractors and End users.

– To promote and achieve specification of Tradelink Commercial products by calling on Specifiers such as Architects, Interior Designers, Health Authorities, Local Authorities, Builders, Quantity Surveyors, i.e any person or company that may be involved in the specification of a floor finish.

– To study the market environment and potentials (competition, potential, key players, etc.)

– To budget, plan and report on sales activity and development.

– To follow the key performance indicator standard in TRADELINK like number of meeting per week (10-12)

– To keep precise records, on a weekly and monthly basis, of significant projects in the territory concerning targeted market sectors.

– To implement TRADELINK practice concerning project tracking (CRM). To meet management targets and keep the project pipeline and accounts database regularly updated on the CRM. The use the CRM as a tool to organize current and prospective work.

– To participate actively in TRADELINK’s trade shows.

– To follow & track customer payments

– To inspect, when necessary, complaints on behalf of the company.


2 month training followed by an exam

1 month adaptation period followed by an overall performance evaluation

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